Whether it is buying or selling a home, obtaining a real estate license, breaking into the commercial retail space, or understanding the lifecycle of a transaction, the Private Housing Network (“PHN”) works hand-in-hand with clients to ensure they make educated decisions and achieve their real estate goals.

With extensive experience catering to the unique realty needs of the sports and entertainment industries, PHN real estate professionals have the ability to serve clients twofold. For those interested in expanding their knowledge of real estate, PHN real estate professionals offer education and mentorship by sharing insights and expertise with those interested in expanding their knowledge of real estate. For those interested in buying, selling, or investing, PHN real estate professionals offer personalized representation and tend to the full life cycle of real estate.

Relationships matter

When you choose the Private Housing Network, you choose a personalized approach to real estate. The PHN Executive Team works collaboratively to identify and hand-select a real estate professional who has the specialized expertise, knowledge, and skills that align with your unique realty wants and needs.

Education and Mentorship

Whether it is understanding the basics of first-time homeownership or learning about first-time investment opportunities, a primary goal of the Private Housing Network is to serve as an educational resource to those interested in expanding their real estate knowledge. Members of PHN have access to realty advisors, consultants, and mentors at the click of their fingertips.


With licensed real estate professionals, advisors, and consultants in nearly every major housing market across the United States and Canada, the Private Housing Network’s presence and reach are incomparable. PHN real estate professionals have the experience, knowledge, and skills to assist clients throughout the entire life cycle of real estate. 

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